Enhances visual clarity

Exposure to blue light can lead to eye strain. Our lenses are made of top-notch polycarbonate, increasing clarity and aesthetic.

Reduces fatigue and headaches

Reading on screens makes your eyes continuously focus which puts more stress on their muscles. Our lenses help to reduce visual fatigue and headaches.

Improves sleep quality

Having your eyes in front of a digital device during the day can contribute to sleep cycle disruption. Our glasses help to improve sleeping routine and quality.

Reduces digital eyestrain

Each time you use your laptop, tv, or smartphone you're exposed to blue light rays. Our glasses filter blue light from digital devices reducing digital eye strain.

Protects from light rays

Your eyes need protection from solar radiation. Our glasses block 100% all light rays with wavelengths up to 410nm. This covers all of UVA and UVB rays.

Prevents eye diseases

Blue light may also contribute to long-term eye damage. Our glasses filter blue light from digital devices keeping your eyes safe in the long run.