Is Blue Light bad for your eyes?

 3 min read

If you own a smartphone, you are somewhat aware of the blue light it emits. The effects of this blue light have become a hot topic these days as more digital devices become integrated into our lives, prompting researchers to find out some of the health effects blue light has on us. While there exists a number of studies done in the field of blue light and its effects, the recorded results are worrying.

A majority of studies done to determine the effect of blue light reference a condition known as 'digital eye strain,' which is caused by overexposure to high levels of artificial blue light. Digital eye strain is the term used to house unpleasant symptoms associated with blue light such as disrupted sleep, fatigue, headache, and eye strain.

Another nasty effect caused by blue light to the eye is known as macular degeneration, a condition signified by the death of photoreceptors in the retina. However, this is common with people in their old age. However, a study done by the University of Toledo shows that exposure to blue light can also trigger this condition in younger people. According to the study, the blue light would trigger the production of poisonous chemical molecules by the retinal molecules.